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Here's a list of some of the gigs I have done the past year and will be doing in the coming months:

Basia World Tour 2018:

27-09-18 - 29/10/18 USA dates

30-10-18 Imperial, Vancouver, Canada

01-11-18 Blue Note, Honolulu, Hawaii

02-11-18 Blue note, Honolulu, Hawaii

05-11-18 Billboard, Tokyo, Japan

06-11-18 Billboard, Tokyo, Japan

08-11-18 Billboard, Osaka, Japan

10-11-18 Blue Note, Beijing, China

11-11-18 Blue Note, Beijing, China

14-11-18 Klub Stodola, Warsaw, Poland

15-11-18 Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland

16-11-18 Philharmony Hall, Szczecin, Poland

18-11-18 Grand Union Orchestra, Wimbledon, London

22-11-18 Joanna Eden, London Jazz Festival

09-12-18 Grand Union Orchestra, Shoreditch Town Hall

14-01-19 JT4tet, Bulls Head, Barnes

08-02-19 JT4tet ,Colchester

02-03-19 Monica Vasconcelos, Vortex

08-03-19 Guille Hill Quintet, The Crypt, Camberwell

20-03-19 MMF, Royal Albert Hall

29-03-19 JT4tet, Vauxhall

30-03-19 Snowboy and the Latin Section, Band on the Wall, Manchester

03-04-19 Guille Hill Quintet, 606 Club

14-04-19 Guille Hill, La Floresta, Uruguay

03-05-19 Harvey Brough Choir, Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton

06-05-19 JT4tet, Bulls Head, London

22-05-19 Grand Union Orchestra, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

02-06-19 Monica Vasconcelos, Chandos Arms, London

09-06-19 Luna Cohen, NT's London

16-06-19 Luna Cohen, NT's London

19-06-19 Deep South, St Martin in the Fields, London

23-06-19 Grand Union Orchestra, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

30-06-19 Monica Vasconcelos/Holloway Community Choir-Vox Holloway

07-07-19 Rick Findley, Jeremy Shoreham,Mario Bakuna, Chandos Arms, Barnet

23-07-19 Clare Foster

03-08-19 Snowboy and the Latin Section, Dorset

07-08-19 Grand Union Orchestra, Trinity Buoy Wharf

09-08-19 Kalison, Chilli Festival

10-08-19 Viramundo, Chilli Festival

18-08-19 JT4tet, Drayton Park Jazz Festival

25-08-19 Kalison, Jazz Cafe

30-08-19 Roberto Pla, 91Brick Lane

04-09-19 Arakatuba, 606 Club

27-09-19 Grand Union Orchestra, Fairfield Hall

07-10-19 JT4tet, Bulls Head

08-11-19 Trypyl,  The Crypt, Camberwell

08-11-19 Trypyl,  The Crypt, Camberwell

03/29-11-19 Basia Tour, Poland

Katowice, Torun,  Gdansk, Poznan

31-01-20  Samara,, 606 Club

08-02-20  Joanna Eden, Bulls Head

28-02-20  Samara, 606 Club

01-03-20 Grand Union Orchestra, Rich Mix

02-03-20  JT4tet, Bulls Head, Barnes

01-03-20 Grand Union Orchestra, Rich Mix

02-03-20 JT4tet, Bulls Head, Barnes


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