Working on the third Negrocan album which never came out in UK- it was a Japanese only release.  It includes a beautiful version of Mare Baixa which I co wrote with Liliana Chachian and a Revamped version of 'Amando la Vida' which really moves. Other gems as well- Bandcamp?  Not sure yet..

The lineup on this one includes Neil Angilley and John Crawford, Tristan Banks, Trevor Mires, Dave Bitelli, Guille Hill as well as the usual suspects; myself, Liliana Chachian and Carlos Fuentes.

Polished up and ready to go and be mixed in March by Toni Economides at his Studio in London.  

The second album entitled 'Negrocan' is still available in high quality Vinyl if you are interested.   It features some amazing tracks such as Brasil Nago, O Sambinha, Tela Cigana.